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Editor’s Note


Hello Readers,

Welcome to our first issue of the new year! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and are ready to begin 2019 energized and ready to go, because we have a lot on the agenda for this year.

We’ve had a lot of big, important talks in 2018 regarding infrastructure. Some highlights in 2018 for infrastructure include:

  • Receiving a D+ on our report card delivered by ASCE.
  • President Trump releasing his Trillian-Dollar Infrastructure Plan.
  • Crossing party lines by prioritizing American infrastructure in the 2019 November elections.

Funding is always the great barrier when it comes to discussing infrastructure. Our regular contributor, former Governor Ed Rendell, discusses the necessity and practicality of government intervention in regards to infrastructure funding:

“The cynics among us would suggest that there is no way that Congress would have the courage to increase a federal gas tax, especially considering there are so many new members of the house who would not want this to be the first thing they do in office,” Rendell writes. “However, the experience with revenue increases for transportation infrastructure tells us that elected officials who vote for such increases do not get punished at the polls.”

It sounds to me like America is ready to get behind infrastructure improvements, and hopefully our elected officials have the courage and confidence to stand with the people’s will.

In this issue, we had the opportunity to sit down with CEO and Chairman of TRC, Chris Vincze. TRC is a global consulting, engineering, and construction management firm that provides technology-enabled solutions to the power, oil and gas, environmental and infrastructure markets. Interviewing with Mr. Vincze left me feeling hopeful after discussing the multiple large scale, and environmentally friendly projects that are being worked on right now to help improve the quality of life.

“We just started a huge project with the high-speed rail, a joint venture to operate the high-speed rail out there in California. It is a massive undertaking,” Vincze said. “To date the funding continues to improve. Over the last handful of years, many of the state agencies and state policies increased the gas tax, increased the sales tax— bulking up on their transportation capital, which leads to seeing more spending locally.”

Failing infrastructure is inevitable, so we must continue to work on our nations infrastructure for the safety of our citizens. Change is no longer an option, these issues must be dealt with. The voters in America already know this. Congress: we now look to you. We have a chance to improve in 2019. Let’s take it.

Until next time,

Abby Pittman



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