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Hello Readers,

Welcome to our November issue of Builder and Developer Magazine! Fall has finally landed – the leaves have changed, the temperatures have dropped, and you will find me in the Builder.Media office with Ugg boots on, sipping on a pumpkin spice latte.

This issue we had the opportunity to really delve into the season by focusing on projects in Winter Destinations. Now, some of you may be thinking – I’ve already done a cursory glance through this magazine, why are California and Arizona in here? Well let me tell you. Some people like to escape to winter destinations like Colorado for its skiing or for its beautiful Taylor Morrison houses, found in Denver and aptly named The Hearthstone Collection. Or some may even traverse to my birth state of Alaska, where we feature local builder Hall Quality Homes who deliver sustainable homes to residents who electively reside in the North Pole. Then there are others – and California folk, I’m looking at you here – who may all love to ski at Big Bear or Tahoe, but cannot endure the thought of anything below 40˚ F for an extended period of time. So basically what I’m saying here is a winter destination means something different to different people, and here at Builder and Developer we accommodate for all.

As you continue to flip through the magazine, you will find a general theme of winter: we spoke to builders about weatherization and insulation in the face of of -79.8˚ F weather (looking at you here Alaska), and the importance of offering sustainable options to buyers. When temperatures drop, the importance of quality insulation and air sealing increases ten-fold, and the building envelope must be tight and energy efficient.

Steve Pallrand, founder and principal of Home Front Build, who wrote a lovely column for us this month which you can find on page 68, discusses this very concept: “The return on investment for insulation is high, whereas air sealing is commonly overlooked. Yet, when air sealing is done properly, it has a greater effect than improving the existing adequate levels of insulation.”

You will find within these pages many options for how to improve your building envelope – so grab your pens and pads ladies and gentlemen, and don’t forget your Pumpkin Spice Latte, because this November issue will keep you busy. Tune in next month for our annual awards issue and see which of your favorite companies in the building industry have won a coveted Pubby Award.

Until next time,

Abby Pittman


To view this post in the magazine, please click here.


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