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July/August Editor’s Note – Green Home Builder


Hello Readers,

Welcome to our July/August issue of Green Home Builder magazine. Perfectly suited for these prime summer months, this issue showcases some amazing outdoor living tips and projects. So sit back, and prop your feet up in a cabana somewhere to read this latest, summer themed edition of Green Home Builder magazine.

As a frequent reader of Green Home Builder magazine, I am sure you have a great appreciation for the outdoors, and for this planet that we inhabit. There are so many positive outdoor amenities that can be included to create a greener household – and promote outdoor living at the same time.

Joe Wicentowich, Associate and Senior Project Manager at Danielian Associates Architecture+Planning, makes a case for sustainable rooftop gardens in single family residences: “One sustainable concept that is ‘growing’ in popularity is the use of the ‘living roof’, or ‘green roof.’ Many builders resist incorporating a living roof in residential construction as it is often perceived as being unproven, adding unnecessary construction costs, increasing potential for roof failure or leaks, and requiring additional maintenance. However, the benefits have been demonstrated in passive energy home design throughout Europe for many years. A living roof is simply a system that uses natural vegetation within a thin layer of soil, combined with a drainage system that sits on top of a waterproof membrane. The entire system completely replaces traditional finish roofing materials such as asphalt, shingles, and tiles.”

As builders, developers, designers, and innovators, there are things that we can do, and things we can integrate to continue to push the envelope of sustainable green design. We must continue to innovate and develop designs that not only consumers want because it lowers their overall living cost, but also what the planet needs froom us as its inhabitants – and upgrading outdoor amenities is a wonderful way to do that.

According to Patricia Gaylor, an acclaimed interior designer, “Recent findings from The American Institute of Architects’ Home Design Trends Survey report that outdoor living rooms have taken the top spot in terms of growing consumer interest for the sixth consecutive year. For me, it’s always been a balancing act between giving the customer a great design that not only meets their needs, but includes as many sustainable products as possible.”

As summer stretches on, we hope that you will take some time to relax in your own outdoor space and enjoy this summer-themed magazine.


Abby Pittman



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