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Pacific Coast Building Conference Recap


2018 PCBC Update: June 27

Our team is here live at PCBC where we have had the privilege to meet many of our contributors and colleagues in the industry.

This morning we had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Cameron of Foremost Companies, and Michael Maples and Greg Nelson of Trumark Homes. Here are some of their thoughts on where we stand in the building industry:

What is your take on the building industry and the building economy for 2018?

Said Michael Maples, “We’re California focused and the markets are extremely strong right now and think 2018 is going to be a fantastic year for sales. We have 320 homes in backlog right now but the market is very strong in California.”

Greg Nelson added, “We are well ahead of plans on sales this year and like Mike said it is reflective of the strength of the market. In the greater Bay area there is this incredible supply-demand imbalance and a huge amount of jobs being made.”

What is your take on the building industry and building economy for 2018?

Steve Cameron responded, “I think the economy’s extremely strong right now. Anecdotally, for example, a friend of mine imports high-tech machines that would be used by Boeing and Space X and he said in 30 years he’s never seen the business so good. Likewise, I think these tax cuts that they put through last year are really accelerating capital expenditures. The economy is so strong right now. For those of us in housing, obviously the biggest driver is job growth, and job growth is strong. And the employment to permit ratio is going to go high again because there’s going to be more jobs created. There’s going to be houses to be built. I just think it’s a great time to be in the building business.”


2018 PCBC Update: June 28

Hello online readers!

We’re here at the last day of PCBC and we have to say this has been an incredibly successful conference. We have learned so much from talking to all of you lovely people and listening to your speaking sessions.

This morning I had a wonderful appointment with Don Neff, who shared his thoughts on where we’re at in the industry and what’s up next for their company.

The data that we collect nationally on 750 projects, from Hawaii to Miami, Seattle to Boston, and everything in between, have shown some interesting trends about construction quality. For example, several metrics we track include deviations from plans and specifications, deviations from manufacturers recommendations and also just basic field quality. We track this by region and by product type. The product types we follow are: single family detached homes-which is where we started; we have picked up more multifamily condos, apartments, and townhomes; and we look at big Type I and Type II towers. It’s interesting that the deviations in quality vary by those four product types and also by region. It’s a fun and interesting metric to share with our clients.

Don also took some amazing pictures of the PCBC illustrator’s final work after attending the conference talks and described their background to me:

One interesting thing about PCBC that I hadn’t noticed before: There is an artist that attends and he makes these dialogue boards and I took pictures of them.

“How to Become a Rapid Leader” was one. Another was “Powerful Portraits” which was a photo collage made by a gentleman, who is a famous photographer and he captures the emotions and essence of what these famous people are all about. The others are “The Innovator’s DNA,” “Creating Great Choices,” and “Opening Perspective.” The speaker was talking about building a cohesive leadership team, how to communicate clearly, how to reinforce clearly etc.


With PCBC over, we will continue to work on our upcoming issues. Keep a look out for our July issue, which will hit the stands any day now.


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