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I began working at Peninsula Publishing December 1st, 2017. I was hired as an Editorial Assistant – essentially, the bottom of the totem pole. But seriously, I cannot express how incredibly excited I was to actually be in the industry that I wanted: Publishing. Maybe it’s not Cosmo, or Penguin Random House, or any of the other companies I dreamed about but I just recently bought an adorable sign that says Editor so TBH I’m pretty stoked.

This promotion came on incredibly fast, though they always seem to. This is a hard job, with a lot of pressure and requires a lot of patience. But you learn fast, and you do your best to surround yourself with a wonderful team, which I am eternally grateful to have, and you commit yourself to making the best possible magazines. My goal here at Peninsula Publishing is to develop strategies to improve the editorial process, and to grow as a leader of an editorial team, while also making as many contacts as possible in the industry.

I sincerely hope that I can improve both myself and the magazines we produce during my tenure at Peninsula Publishing, and then when I inevitably move on, that I can bring those lessons with me into future positions. But for right now, I’m excited to take on the challenges that come with being the Editor of Peninsula Publishing.

Stay tuned





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