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Exceeding Customer Hopes and Dreams

Continuing the line of communication after purchase ensures long term customer satisfaction

By Abby Pittman

Enter a The New Home Company created a “Touch Point Process,” which builds the relationship from the “Date of Purchase,” all the way through the 10th year of ownership.

The New Home Company has been building beautiful homes for decades, a success which they attribute to the heart they put into their homes and their focus on the people aspect of the business. By holding themselves to a higher standard, demanding more from themselves, and with great attention to detail, The New Home Company has made their mark on the homebuilding industry. And, with their numerous positive customer reviews, it makes perfect sense that The New Home Company won nearly 30 awards at the 2017 Eliant Homebuyer’s Choice Awards.

“Building homes is an incredibly important thing to do with your life,” explained Larry Webb, Chief Executive Officer of The New Home Company. “Along with that belief is a responsibility to always do the right thing for your customers. This is the most important priority for every NEW HOME team member.”

The financial responsibility and sheer number of possibilities that come with buying a new home can be incredibly stressful. To combat this, The New Home Company has geared their design process towards focusing on the excitement of building one’s dream home. “Our Design Team Members are truly amazing with the talent they bring to the table,” said Norman Carraher Jr., Senior Vice President of Customer Care. “We have created a Custom Design and Option Program in a production building environment. The Design Team simply creates dreams!” With incredible patience and thoughtful, well-timed questions, The New Home Company design team turns dreams into realities. And, by staying open and available to buyers after the fact, the team ensures 100 percent customer satisfaction.

The New Home Company highlights their design process, and focuses the buyer on the excitement of being able to build a dream home.

Once the design process has been completed and it comes time to purchase, buyers may experience anxiety and even buyer’s regret. To help alleviate this, The New Home Company developed a system. “Our entire team has a hand in delivering the best possible experience to our homebuyers,” Carraher said. “We as a team created a ‘Touch Point Process’ which builds the relationship from the ‘Date of Purchase’ through the first and second year warranty period. This will continue through all of the ‘golden years’ to the 10th year of ownership.” By continuing to check in with their buyers, satisfaction with The New Home Company homes is not limited to within the first two years of purchase, but well beyond into the 10th year. By focusing on long-term satisfaction, The New Home Company is able to generate repeat customers as well as referrals.

Creating a purchase experience where communication and accessibility ensure that buyers feel taken care of is sure to lead to success, which is what The New Home Company has done through their ‘Touch Point Process.’ “We provide each of our Customer Care Team Member’s mobile numbers to our homeowners for easy access and the best possible communication,” said Carraher. “We train our Customer Care Team Members to follow up with the homeowners and check in regularly.”

5-Oliva-P3_Kitchen to Morning Room-Edit
With incredible patience, and with thoughtful, well timed questions, The New Home Company design team turns dreams into realities.

At the end of the purchasing process, each buyer is asked to fill out a survey. “We read all homeowner feedback provided in the surveys,” Carraher said. “We use the feedback to improve our operational process and the products we install in our homes.” By constantly evolving and improving, The New Home Company has generated review after review, all glowing with satisfaction. This customer-satisfaction-based approach is emphasized as a priority and implemented from top to bottom of the company. “Our executive leadership, led by CEO Larry Webb, has empowered each NEW HOME Team Member to do the best work of their lives,” according to Carraher. “Our people are passionate about delivering the finest possible homes and exceeding our customers’ hopes and dreams.”

2-Trevi-P3_Rear Elevation
The New Home Company asks buyers to fill out a survey which is used to develop improvements on their operational process and products for their homes.

Those hopes and dreams are sure to be delivered when The New Home Company opens its latest project in early 2018: Icon, a new collection of luxury residences within Silverleaf at DC Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, Icon is just one of many new communities The New Home Company is looking forward to opening as they continue their path to success, focusing on improving their operational process.

“Customer service is the heart of The New Home Company and is truly a core value. It means doing the right thing and delivering on your promises,” said Leonard Miller, Chief Operating Officer of The New Home Company. “There is nothing more important than our homebuyers and meeting or exceeding their expectations.”

Abby Pittman is an Editorial Assistant at Builder and Developer magazine. She may be reached at


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