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An Irving Gill Inspired Collection by MBK HOMES

Inspired by famed architect Irving Gill, Irving House focuses on clean lines and aesthetic purity at affordable prices in Orange, Calif.

By Abby Pittman


MBK PLAN 2 IMG# 01 copy
The stunning modern architecture is inspired by the works of famed architect, Irving Gill, one of the fathers of modern architecture.

Multiple award recipient MBK homes launches their newest collection, Irving House, inspired by one of the fathers of modern architecture, Irving Gill. This highly decorated company has won multiple awards in the past eight years, including multiple Eliant Home Buyers’ Choice Awards, earning the trust of home buyers for producing high quality homes at an affordable price.

Located in a prime area of Orange County in Southern California, the Irving House collection consists of 25 homes, each offering up to four bedrooms, a private backyard, and a two-car attached garage, along with the latest technology and efficiencies. The home prices start in the low $700s.

The conceptual site plan and architectural design stage began over three years ago, with development following soon after that, and the homes are expected to be sold out by late summer of 2018. The architectural goal of Irving House was to pay homage to the modernist architect Irving Gill. Partnering with KTGY Architecture + Planning, MBK foresaw a collection focused on clean-lined modernism and aesthetic purity.

“Orange, as a city, places a lot of importance and emphasis on architecture and exterior design of new homes,” explained Rick Fletcher, Vice President of Real Estate Operations at MBK Homes. “So being able to create this development within this city and community was special for MBK.”

MBK PLAN 3 IMG# 03.jpg
MBK has consistently ranked highly among homebuyers in the Eliant Homebuyers’ Choice Awards competition, having won “The ELIANT” award in five out of the last seven years, and No. 1 in Purchase Experience in eight out of the last nine years.

Keeping with Gill’s transitional architecture, the four home designs at Irving House translate traditional forms of architecture into new modern forms, each with distinct elements from their respective styles.

“Our approach at Irving House was to mimic the simplicity of architecture that Gill expressed in his projects, and design modern versions of it. Our concept depicts simple forms, details, full arches and broken arches, and simple color schemes,” said Art Alvarado, A.AIA, Senior Designer at KTGY Architecture + Planning. “The expression of windows was especially at the forefront of design in order to depict hierarchy of interior living spaces, allowing for ample natural lighting in each home’s interior.”

The homes include open floor plans, arches, lofts and offices, and natural light. Each home has a unique entry way, durable sand-finish stucco, 9-foot-high ceilings, Shaker style cabinetry, and ice white quartz countertops. All bedrooms and family/living rooms are pre-wired for ceiling fans, offer Liftmaster “Smart” Wi-Fi automatic garage door openers, and include an option for smart home automation. Along with offering smart home features, MBK works to maintain sustainable practices throughout the building and design process. With the goal of being as energy efficient as possible for new home owners, MBK provides energy saving appliances such as tankless water heaters, water conserving toilets, and other state of the art appliances.

MBK has established a strong reputation in the market, winning consumer trust by building high quality homes at a fair price.

Irving House is an example of a high-concept architectural home design executed in a desirable Orange infill location. Local schools are excellent, the community has a custom home feel, and the price point of MBK Homes make home buying attainable. With an open-door policy, buyers are very involved in the process, from start to finish. They can custom select features, and walk through the spaces at multiple stages so they can truly envision their lives in a home.

“This hands-on approach allows the customer to rest assured they are getting the house they’ve envisioned, and that we have set the correct expectation with the customer for homes and apartments,” Fletcher said. “MBK Homes is dedicated to delivering a first-rate experience to their customers in the home buying process.”

Being an elite provider of exceptional customer satisfaction is how MBK differentiates itself in the housing market. Impeccable customer service is one of their core values.

“MBK’s customer-centric culture—which includes keeping our community teams informed and empowered so they can make decisions regarding customer care as quickly and effectively as possible—has enabled MBK to build a strong brand,” Fletcher said. “Some of the best evidence of that is our high referral rate which is over 30 percent.”

MBK has established a strong reputation in the market, winning consumer trust by building high quality homes at a fair price. Their customer-centric culture ensures their team is a cohesive unit with consistency in all communications with the customer. This interconnected team allows customer care to be as efficient as possible, which has earned the company a faithful following with exceptionally high referral rates.

More projects are in the works for MBK as they focus on new for-sale and for-rent developments in markets across California, including West Sacramento, Paso Robles, Carson, Murrieta, Menifee, and Orange.

Abby Pittman is an Assistant Editor for Builder and Developer magazine. She may be reached at

Homes include private yard and space, unique entry to each designed home, sleek lined squared walls, squared corner drywall, and dual glazed vinyl windows.


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