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A Little Bit of Yellow Never Hurt Nobody

A Little Bit of Yellow Never Hurt Nobody

With Summer winding down, and Fall in transition it’s about that time of year where hot chocolate and blankets start to sound better than a roasting summer sun. Yellow is the perfect fall transition color; you are still bringing the warm summer glow of August, but you are also bringing in the rich color of changing leaves from buttery yellows, burnt oranges to fiery reds. And nothing says Fall more than sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte and taking a walk in the brisk air surrounded by a fiery sea of trees.

Yellow is the brightest color on the color spectrum and is the most likely to create enthusiasm for life while awakening greater confidence and optimism, which is often why so many people feel so passionately towards Fall. So add in a bit of yellow to your everyday life. Paint your kitchen cabinets yellow if you want to go big, or for a small step cut up a bunch of lemons and add them to your Fruit Infuser Water Bottle. Add some yellow flowers to table tops, or bring your Crystal Topaz with you to the office for a little bit of inspiration and encouragement during your work day.

You may not think you’re a yellow kind of person, that it’s too bright for you or too loud, but that just means you ABSOLUTELY NEED yellow in your life! The more yellow the better: having a bad day? Wear yellow. Hate waking up in the morning? Drink your coffee from this yellow cup for a double whammy instant pick-me-up. Any sort of negative situation, while maybe not solvable through a splash of yellow, is guaranteed to be improved. This vibrant color will bring you sunny days long after summer has ended.

Yellow is shown to induce happiness, positivity, and hope. Wearing yellow or having yellow accessories shows people your friendliness, and creates approachability. Yellow represents warmth and honestly, often inspiring original thought and inquisitiveness, so next time you have an important meeting at work, we highly suggest bringing with you your Cupture Beehive Tumbler to encourage you to “Bee Yourself” but also draw from the positive energy that is yellow.

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