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A Gift for your Hostess

A Gift for your Hostess

I don’t know about you, but trying to figure out the perfect hostess gift can have some downward spiraling to full on panic mode every holiday season. It can be hard to figure out what exactly is the perfect gift for the wonderful person who has elected to open their home and put both thought and effort for the event your attending. With the start of the Holiday season, holiday parties are becoming abundant, and here at Cupture, this year we have a plan for you to put together the perfect hostess gift.

The Last Minute Gift 

Procrastination happens to the best of us. Maybe you totally forgot that you have a dinner with Sarah this Thursday, or maybe that last minute invitation with Chad and Ashley threw off your calendar but you have a dinner fast approaching and no time to personalize a gift. Never fear. Cupture is here. Order a set of our Cupture Wine Tumblers for the perfect hostess gift that is not only super useful, but also incredibly fashionable, and even better, so, so easy.

The DIY 

There are lots of fun things you can do with the Cupture tumblers to create a cute DIY hostess gift. This is perfect for a smaller, less expensive gift idea. Try filling up a Cupture Vintage Mason Jar with caramels. Get some Thanksgiving patterned fabric to tie over the top of it, tie it off with an a ribbon and add a card that expresses how thankful you are for them. For another option tie a thanksgiving themed ribbon around the Cupture Copper Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler and fill with coffee themed gifts. Add a coffee shop gift card, and a note with something clever such as ‘Thanks a Latte’.

The Classic Gift Basket 

The gift basket is the classic hostess appreciation gift. First pick a theme for your basket. Try a sangria basket, a coffee basket, or a beer basket, or if your really popular, all three!

The Sangria Basket 

For the Sangria basket, simply purchase all of the ingredients needed to make a holiday sangria, try this Honey Crisp Apple Recipe. Purchase two apples, 1 lemon, 1 orange, 3 cinnamon sticks, apple cider, club soda, orange juice, brandy, and a bottle of red wine. Arrange all of the fruit and drinks and add some Cupture Mason jars for greater affect.

The Coffee Basket

For the coffee basket, add some different bags of coffee beans you think they will like, add some sort of morning snack like some crunchy granola, or a box of beignet mix, fill a Cupture Clear Diamond Crystal Tumbler with their favorite creamer or milk and add a Cupture Travel Tumbler for when they take their coffee on the go. Top off the basket with a cute dish towel and tie it all together.

The Beer Basket

For the beer basket, grab a couple different bottles of beers, some limes if it goes with the beer of your choosing, and add the Cupture Beer tumbler and Cupture Pint cup. Add some bar snacks and tie it off with some fun ribbon and don’t forget the card!

We hope that one of these ideas sparked your interest, and made your life just a little bit easier this Holiday season. Happy Holidays!


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