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For a Casual Thanksgiving Dinner

For a Casual Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and it is definitely time to start thinking about your plans for this Turkey Day. By this point, I am sure you already know exactly who will be attending your dinner, whether it is a more traditional family Thanksgiving, or your having a more nuanced Friendsgiving; either way, you’ll want to set your table to impress.

Thanksgiving is all about coming together with a giving and thankful spirit, to celebrate your loved ones and have at least one dinner a year where everyone can sit down and simply enjoy each other’s company. Don’t stress too much this holiday, and focus more on the spirit of Thanksgiving, being thankful for those around you and the life you have been blessed with.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun designing your dinner! For an casual Thanksgiving table, you don’t need nearly as much time to prepare as you would for a formal table, and you can have more fun with it! Take this as an opportunity to go to the craft store, or go to your local farmers market for inspiration for a fun table centerpiece. Try out some DIY projects for your décor, such as name cards.

For a casual table, decorate with bold colors and linens. Have some fun with the gorgeous fall colors and try and orange table cloth or runner. Feel free to pick up some single use decorative plates with fun patterns to get into the festive spirit, and even better, less dishes later.

For drinkware, check out the Cupture Impression collection for a water glass, these bright luminous glasses will look perfect on your table. If your dinner is going to be 21 and over, and you NEED wine to get through the Holidays, the Cupture Wine Tumblers set is perfect because the cups can be used with or without a lid, perfect for transitioning from pre-dinner drinks all the way to your dessert wine.

Make sure after dinner, your guests use their lids when they are walking around to help prevent spills in your house. For those more beer inclined, try the Cupture Upside Down Beer Tumbler, also with a multiuse lid, and fits two full beers so when you’re watching post dinner football you won’t have to get up nearly as much to refill.

If you happen to have a bunch or little pilgrims coming to your dinner, set up a kids table. Print out some Turkey Day coloring pages and leave out some crayons to keep the children entertained. Or even better, purchase a paper table cloth and let the kids go to town all over the table. Try the Cupture Small Cups for the kids table, the durable acrylic will be sure to make it through the night, and are bright and colorful.

Don’t forget to have a happy Thanksgiving, and be sure to stay on the lookout for the Black Friday deals coming your way soon!

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