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The Easiest Holiday Gift Guide

The Easiest Holiday Gift Guide

It’s officially Holiday Season! Black Friday is quickly approaching so it’s time to get those naughty and nice lists together and figure out what gifts to start purchasing. Just in case you’re lost on what to get those closest to you, we put together a gift guide to make your Holiday shopping that much easier.

For the DIY-er

The Cupture Classic or Candy Tumblers are perfect for those who want to put their own personal spin on a tumbler. You can find all sort of crafting ideas on our Pinterest page here. The Cupture Mason Jars are perfect for those who want a sort of DIY gift that you can fill with all sorts of treats and goodies, with anything from candy to alcohol.

For the Entertainer

We all have that one friend who will take any excuse to throw a party or have people over. They love the title Hostess, and love to provide a beautiful well thought out party or dinner. Try a set of Cupture Wine Tumblers for this social butterfly. The lids ensure that her immaculate house will stay as pristine as usual and she will love you forever for it. Also check out the Cupture Impression collection, if you really want to make a good impression. These kaleidoscope colored tumblers will be the talk of dinner.

For the Traveler

If you manage to catch your traveler in between trips this season you should count yourself lucky. Before they jet off on their next adventure, wrap up a Stainless Steel Copper Plated Travel Tumbler for them to take as a travel companion. They will love how long it keeps their coffee warm or the smoothies cold. If you want a lighter, shinier option, check out the Cupture Crystal Collection. Perfect for all drinks on the go with a stunning crystal design.

For the Minimalist

A minimalist is always so hard to shop for, but this season it got just a little bit easier. Try the Cupture Classic Tumblers, the tumblers clean lines and unadorned design is perfect for those who prefer the less is more school of thought. Or, if 12 cups is too many, try the Cupture Small Cups in white for a super classy, simplistic look. These cups are perfect for all drinks, but look extra nice with a cocktail in them.

For the Health Junkie

We all know we can pick out a health junkie from about a mile away, mainly because something about them just screams super food, or crossfit. Or because they are literally wearing a shirt that says kale. Or squats. So your health junkie will absolutely love you forever if you get them something that helps them with their #fitnessgoals. Try the Cupture Fruit Infuser; fairly self-explanatory as to why they will freak out over this gift. You can also check out the Cupture Small Cups in Assorted Colors. These cups are perfect for all of their smoothie needs.

For Her

It can be daunting picking out a gift for a significant other, or even just someone of the opposite gender. But these gifts will be a hit every time. Diamonds are a girls best friend, but if your looking for something that is a little less of a commitment but still as lovely as a diamond, try the Cupture Diamond collection. This drinkware collection is designed with precious gems in mind, with a diamond cut bottom and rivets that sparkle in the sun. For something with a little less commintment connotation, the Cupture Crystal will always be a crowd favorite because of the beautiful design: just make sure you learn her favorite color before you order it!

For Him

Guys can be hard to shop for, but the Cupture Upside Down Beer Tumbler just made it that much easier. This tumbler fits two whole beers in one cup and any guy who likes beer will be so stoked on this gift. Or if your guy leans more towards sleek and luxurious, try the Cupture Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler in Titanium Gray. This statement piece is sure to be a hit.

For the Holidays

Our special Holiday collection of classic tumblers will be the talk of Christmas morning as stocking stuffers or as party favors. Throw a office Christmas party, have some friends over, and get wild with the unique Cupture Holiday Collection, a sure favorite this year.

We hope this guide helped and made your shopping list just a little bit easier, and that all the people in your life got exactly what they wanted this Holiday season! Good luck, be merry, and happy holidays from your Cupture family.

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