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A Date With Wanderlust

A Date With Wanderlust


Summer presents us with an opportunity. An opportunity to pack up our bags, spin blindfolded and let our finger land on the map. It could land on anywhere in the world, but that’s the beauty of this world. No matter where you are in the world, there is something amazing and awe-inspiring to see, and an opportunity for you to give back. And our Travel Tumbler will be your favorite companion. Every Travel Tumbler purchase provides 8 months of clean water through, where they reach countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The whole goal of travelling is connection. To connect with the world, the land, and the people. To expand your horizons and discover a different way of life. And if you’re lucky, your traveling will impact you in a positive way, teaching you about yourself and others. gave us an opportunity to expand our brand. The opportunity to give back to a world that has given us so much. Volunteering is possibly one of the best ways to travel, creating a more authentic connection with others and with the place you are residing in. Here are some programs that have some amazing volunteer opportunities.

Peace Corps
Possibly the biggest volunteer organization to date, the Peace Corps is an amazing service that allows you to connect with a country and its people for two years. They provide housing and support, and you provide the positive impact and hard work. There are many benefits to the Peace Corps, including priority government jobs and loan forgiveness, but the biggest benefit is the opportunity to make a difference. Many of the countries are considered “third world” so water can be an obstacle, but that’s where the travel mug makes all the difference. Not only will it help you in your own personal travels, but it does double duty, providing clean water for under developed countries.

WWOOF organizations is primarily an agricultural volunteer program. Their program connects volunteers with farms all over the world. Their goal is to offer education on organic and sustainable way of living. This program offers accommodations in exchange for 4-6 hours of work. The stainless steel travel mug will keep you hydrated as you work your shift, and in a more sustainable way than 1 use plastic water bottles, and very much in line with the overall WWOOF vision.

STA Travel
STA Travel is the perfect website for students, offering multiple student discounts and pre-planned tours and experiences. Perfect for a younger crown who are still learning the ropes of traveling, but eager to travel without parents. STA feels more structured and organized than something like WWOOF or Work Away, but has so many options that you’ll definitely find the right trip for you, multiple most likely. STA offers both volunteer opportunities such as research and marine conservation in Fiji, or teaching children in Cambodia. The only drawback to this site is you pay for the structure and planning of it. However, it is both a safe and fun option.
Work Away
Work Away is similar to WWOOF, but allows for more expansive volunteering opportunities than just organic farming. For example, you can spend a few months in Hawaii working at a beachfront hostel, or help out a property in Ireland and learn about carriage building. Work Away caters to all strengths and abilities and guaranteed you will find multiple volunteer opportunities that will make you purchase your ticket and pack up you Cupture Travel Mug as fast as possible. is an interesting opportunity that combines tourism with volunteerism. Their company provides tours that connect with the area that you are touring. Tour profits go straight back into the communities. creates tours, according to their mission statement, “that enhance the mission of great social organizations by facilitating mutually beneficial virtual and in-person interactions between people and communities around the world.” The goal of this company is to get a deeper experience through tourism, finding tours that really connect with the community instead of in a more general touristy way.

Traveling has so many positive aspects just by itself. But volunteer travel creates a much deeper and lasting connection than you would have otherwise. Here at Cupture we are dedicated to creating a positive impact with positive products. Our Travel Tumbler is incredibly close to our hearts because of the contributions that it allows us to make to others in need. We hope that the travel mug not only inspires you to volunteer, but also to make it your favorite travel companion.

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