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Everyday Tea Properties 

Everyday Tea Properties 

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world aside from water; gallons upon gallons are drank every single day. Our Cupture Everyday Tumblers were designed with everyday beverages in mind, including both hot and iced tea. Tea is the subject of much fascination and folklore. They say, if brewed right, tea is a cure-all, curing everything from heartache to overeating. Whether or not this is true is subject to a certain mysticism that twines through the centuries.


A brief history…

Tea has a long and somewhat surprisingly, bloody history. Tea was first discovered in China as early as 2nd century BC. One of the legends is of Emperor Shen Nong sat contemplating, when he saw leaves fall into a boiling pot of water from a tree nearby, resulting in the first steeping of tea. Tea moved through the eastern world, eventually being brought to the western world through trade, where it lit up the world and became a staple of society. Today, arguably one of the most popular tea drinks is the Chai Latte, going so far as to even turn into a ‘basic white girl‘ staple, a foible that defines ‘basic’ girls. Social stigmas of drinking Chai Lattes aside, there are actually a surprising amount of health benefits attached to drinking tea, including Chai tea.


Tea and Herbalism…Holistic Medicine

One of the coolest things about tea, is that a lot of the herbs used in tea actually have medicinal properties.

  • Sleepy time tea’s primary ingredient is chamomile: a herb best used for aiding sleep, headaches and anxiety.
  • Ginger aids digestion: it helps reduce bloating and upset stomachs.
  • Green tea is beneficial for bloating, allergies, acne and weight loss.
  • White tea is beneficial for stress, weight loss and detoxification.
  • Chai tea helps enhance the immune system, and helps fight inflammation and colds.

Each herb used provides a different property that can be used as a positive and natural remedy to everyday common aches and illnesses. Check out our Pinterest board for even more different types of tea and their health benefits.



There are multiple ways to brew tea.

  • There are more traditional methods such as buying tea bags from the local market and steeping them in hot water, however, you can also invest in some higher quality loose leaf tea.
  • For loose leaf tea, you can purchase a diffuser, and use it the same way you would use a tea bag.
  • You can also boil the loose leaf tea in a sauce pan on stove top. Once the water reaches a boil, turn the heat off and let the mixture steep for 10-20 minutes. This brewing method results in a stronger tea.
  • You can also try Solar Infusion. Sun Tea is awesome for summertime when the days are so warm and long, for this method all you do is add your herbs to a jar of water and let them sit in a warm, sunny spot for several hours. This provides a warm, and energetically vibrant tea that is perfect during those long summer days.
  • Another option that is not as well-known is a Lunar Infusion. This is the same process as a solar infusion, but instead, wait for a full moon or a new moon for this preparation; this adds a different sort of energy to your tea that you can’t get through any other brewing method.


If you are an avid tea drinker, or are looking to expand your tea practices we encourage you to check out our Cupture tumblers, all of which are highly conducive to drinking tea. If you are an avid hot tea drinker, we encourage you to check out our 32oz Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler. Its copper insulation and stainless steel walls will keep your tea as hot as you want for as long as you need. If you prefer large quantities of iced tea, check out our 32oz Plastic Travel Tumbler with a jumbo straw. The double insulated walls create a sweat free experience, and its massive size should keep you satisfied for much longer than your average tumbler. The beauty of tea, is you can put it in anything. All of Cupture products are conducive to both hot and cold drinks. We have portable options like our Crystal Tumbler, or we have sets for when the whole family needs some tea time. Our Everyday Tumblers are perfect for some brew, and come in lovely woodsy, natural colors that perfectly compliment the tea colors.

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