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Top Ten Beaches in the U.S. 

Top Ten Beaches in the U.S. 

With Summer winding down, we are all doing our best to get in some last minute beach time. Soak up a little more sun, capture the perfect tan, and do our best to experience the quintessential summer day. Often, the beach is used as the perfect summer backdrop. We elevate it, using it like a celebrity name drop for an instant coolness pick-me-up with our friends; “Oh yeah, I think I’ll just head to the beach this weekend,” and wait for the jealous chorus of echoes that will inevitably surround you.

There are many elements that make up the perfect beach day, variables such as weather, wave size, friend group, and whether or not you remembered to bring enough sunscreen are all huge factors in creating the perfect beach day. But a less obvious variable that often plays a huge part in the success of a day are the drinks that you bring with you on your beach day. There is literally nothing worse than getting all the way to the beach, trekking out into the sand, setting up your blankets, umbrellas, pop up tents if that’s your style, sitting down to stare at the crashing waves and realizing that you forgot your water. And as reality crashes down on you, and you realize in less than 1 hour, you will succumb to the inevitable thirst and be forced to journey out of the sand while others who are luckier, guard the tents, to search for the much needed provisions, effectively ruining what could have been your perfect beach day.

Here at Cupture we are committed to providing you with the best possible drinkware to assist you on your journey of the perfect beach day. Here are ten of the best beaches in the U.S., as well as ten of our favorite Cupture tumblers to elevate your beach day.

10. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 

Myrtle Beach has a plethora of beach activities to do. You can go parasailing over the Atlantic Ocean, or stroll down the Boardwalk Entertainment District. Myrtle Beach is perfect for those who prefer a packed, active beach adventure. The Cupture 32oz Plastic Travel Tumbler will be your best friend for this trip, and will keep you hydrated throughout all of your beachside adventures. This thriving beach town has all the adventures you are looking for, and then some.

9. Mackinac Island, Michigan 

Mackinac Island is the perfect summer getaway. Known for its picturesque landscape and small town charm, this island will be your new favorite vacation spot. Fill up your Sapphire Crystal Tumbler with some iced coffee, and buy your ticket to board the ferry that will take you far, far away from life’s everyday pressures. Since there are no cars allowed on the island, Mackinac gives an anachronistic feel, and is both quieter and cleaner than the normal hustle and bustle of our faster paced life. Though this is not the best beach/island for swimming, the surrounding town makes up for it. Check out the many restaurants that the island offers, and browse the local shops, all the while being surrounded by sapphire blue waters that will put your soul at ease.

8. Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico 

Though Puerto Rico is not technically within th continental US, this beach was too pretty to ignore. Known as a local hotspot, Luquillo Beach is perfect for travelers and families alike. Its fine sand decorates the shoreline, and the rainforest acts as a backdrop, perfect for those in search of the ultimate summer Instagram picture. Stretching wide with plenty of space for beacch enthusiasts, it is perfect for a group trip to the beach, so make sure to pack the Cupture Small Cups so you can taste some of the local delicacies/cocktails without worrying about littering the shores with one-use plastic cups.

7. Ocean City Beach, Maryland 

Ocean City Beach has two sides to it, the southern end of Ocean City that backs up to the Boardwalk is a bit rowdier, perfect for those looking for a crazier atmosphere. Pack you copper insulated Pint Cups up in your cooler, and head down with a group of friends to experience your optimum beach day. Check out one of the many local sea front dining options, or hit the boardwalk for a bit of shopping/people watching.

6. Cowell’s Beach, Santa Cruz- Northern California 

Santa Cruz is a personal beach favorite, and one of the best learning spots for those who want to take up surfing. There is nothing more quintessential than taking out a couple of longboards for a day of surf and sand in the summer sun. Look out though, those NorCal waters can get kind of chilly, so fill up your 32oz Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler with a steaming cup of joe and head out for an early morning surf sesh. Also check out this coffee shop for some of the yummiest roasts in town.

5. Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina 

Voted North Carolina’s best beach, Wrightsville Beach is teeming with activities to fill up your summer with. Check out their many kids programs, or sign up for a standup paddleboard competition. But you can’t go to a southern beach without experiencing the ultimate southern drink: Sweet Tea! Once you taste the stuff, you’ll never go back to plain tea. Fill up your Vintage Blue Mason Jar with some southern sweet tea, and have a wonderfully sweet day.

4. The Hamptons, New York 

The Hamptons are well known for the ultimate vacation destination for the elite; with the expensive resorts and reality, and a surplus of designer boutiques there is no rest for beach dwellers/vacationers. And while this may not be a feasible vacation for everyone, for those of you who make the Hamptons your summer hot spot, when its wine time make sure you fill up your Cupture Wine Tumbler when you head out on your boat for a memorable, spill-free beach day.

3. Huntington Beach, Southern California 

More of a Beach City than a Beach Town, Huntington Beach is teeming with life and activity. Tailor-made for the ultimate beach day, Huntington is perfect for a big group of friends to head out and spend the day in the California sun. Popular among movie stars, and actors, Southern California beaches provide the aesthetic that we all attempt to achieve in our own beach days. Grab up to 12 friends, and give each friend their own personal Candy Classic Tumbler to stay hydrated and achieve the perfect beach day at this local hot spot.

2. Miami Beach, Florida 

Did somebody say SPRING BREAK?! No? Well even if it isn’t Spring Break, Miami Beach is still the perfect beach vacation for those looking for a wild time. Perfect for party goers, make sure to pack your Cupture Beer Mug. Obviously, alcohol is allowed on Florida beaches, as long as you adhere to their glass free policies, so good thing your Cupture Beer Mug is made of premium acrylic material. Book your vacation to Florida now, and have a beach vacation that you will never forget, or one you will never remember if that’s your goal.

1. Maui, Hawaii 

Maui is the ultimate U.S. beach vacation, with its lush tropics and white sandy beaches, Maui is perfect for both families and friends. With the health focus here, don’t forget to fill up your Cupture Fruit Infuser with some locally grown pinneapple to stay hydrated and health focused. Fill up your water bottle, and go check out one of the many waterfall hikes that the island has to offer, or spend the day snorkeling in the crystal clear waters. Either way, don’t forget to snap the perfect Insta pic capturing those Hawaii vibes, Fruit Infuser in hand.

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