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April Editor’s Note – Builder and Developer


Hello Readers,

Welcome to the April issue of Builder and Developer magazine. This edition is our Annual Buyer’s Guide, an issue that we put an exorbitant amount of time and effort into. Many people look forward to this list of directories and services, and we’re very proud to present them to the industry. Those included are the best of the best, many of whom are our friends and those we’ve featured throughout the years. If you didn’t quite make it to this issue for whatever reason, feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll be sure to include you in next year’s Buyer’s Guide when we return with all new and updated information.

There are 1,000 homebuilders showcased in this issue, as well as a plethora of suppliers, interior designers, financial suppliers, and much more. Many of you know already know this, though, as you so nicely answered our calls so we could update this information and make it as accurate and timely as possible. That’s not all though—we have also covered ten of the largest builders in the industry who have established themselves as the best in the nation. We are proud to have featured them, and look forward to covering more and more of their projects in future issues as they continue to push boundaries and deliver one-of-a-kind experiences for their buyers.

We know the homebuilding industry is doing well, and we know this because of all of the amazing projects happening nationwide that we come across when searching for content to feature. “President Trump said ‘America is a nation of builders’ and the nation’s home builders wholeheartedly agree. The president knows that housing and homeownership are critical to a strong and prosperous nation,” said NAHB Chairman Randy Noel. “We commend him for working tirelessly to reduce unnecessary regulations that hurt small business owners and impede a more robust housing recovery. And we strongly support the president’s call for more vocational schools to train young workers and prepare them for careers in the construction trades and other industries.”

Many thanks to Mr. Randy Noel for for being our featured interview for this issue. We discuss NAHB’s goals for 2018, and we reflect on the hopes that we have for a robust housing market. He says, “Household formations are stronger than they have been in years, and Millennials, in particular, are showing a greater interest in home ownership.” Be sure to turn to the back of the magazine to read the full interview.

America is a menagerie of different people from different generations, all with different opinions; what we can all agree on is that what we want a prosperous and thriving nation, and I believe that everyone in their own way is doing their best to achieve that.

As always, many thanks to our readers, advertisers, and contributors. I hope you enjoy the issue and keep it handy for the whole year, or at least until the 2019 Buyer’s Guide.


Abby Assistant Editor


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